Efecte Fotovoltaic has sought the maximum professional experience with people from the photovoltaic solar energy sector, thus offering a proven expertise of more than 22 years. The human team is made up of the best professionals, both expert engineers in projects, and technicians in installation, legalization, processing and commissioning.

Our goal is to promote and publicize the benefits of photovoltaic solar energy. Make pedagogy of the possibility, of investing in a cleaner future.

Solar energy has many applications, from powering satellites, buoys in the sea, isolated installations where the electricity grid does not reach, self-consumption, solar pumping for irrigation, such as large photovoltaic energy production plants.

Currently, the energy sector is one of the key strategic sectors of any country. Today is marked by the introduction of more efficient and ecological individual electric transport systems. Electric energy takes more weight in our day to day. So energy management every day will be more important for users, in all aspects.

Until very recently, the sector has been retarded due to unfavorable legal conditions, even so, the sector has been able to offer an attractive product: self-consumption. The self-production of electrical energy through solar panels.

Nowadays, it is cheaper to generate your own energy than to acquire it from the distribution company. The price of photovoltaic modules has been significantly reduced, this has made self-consumption facilities very attractive for both homes and industries.

RD 244/2019 has improved all aspects that negatively affected the advancement of solar energy. Making it possible to offer photovoltaic installations with very interesting economic returns.

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