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Housing self-consumption

  • Financing
  • Excess compensation
  • IBI bonus
  • Lithium batteries

Self-consumption for companies

  • Amortization study
  • Excess compensation
  • Installation keys on hand

Isolated facilities

  • Great economic savings
  • Grant processing

Recharging point

  • Electric car charger installation (PDR)
  • Individual, community and companies


We will analyze the consumption data and the available surface

We will carry out a study of self-consumption tailored according to your needs

We take care of all the procedures, install and legalize your installation


  • Solar panel installations for companies and homes
  • Maintenance of solar panel installations
  • Design of photovoltaic projects


  • Installation of self-consumption systems with batteries
  • Batteries for industrial self-consumption
  • Batteries for residential self-consumption


  • Processing of building licenses
  • Preparation of technical projects
  • Processing of tax credits
  • Management of permits and bonuses


  • Energy studies
  • Personalized advice on your electricity bill
  • Analysis of the most suitable marketer for each case
  • Financing


A self-consumption photovoltaic solar installation is used to produce low voltage electrical energy.

Solar panels, also called photovoltaic modules, are responsible for capturing photons from the Sun, and transforming them into electrical energy using photovoltaic cells.

The inverter is the device in charge of transforming the continuous energy of the modules into alternating current, synchronizing the sine wave of the distribution network.

The meter will be installed in the general electrical panel of the house. It is used to control consumption, providing instant and historical data through the mobile APP or computer.

Each roof has its characteristics. However, there is a solution for every case. The orientation is important, the optimum is SOUTH, also EAST and WEST are acceptable, but in no case NORTH.

The installations are carried out with a project and are always personalized since not all roofs and houses are the same. Efecte Fotovoltaic will help and advise you throughout the process. On the other hand, it is also important to take into account other factors, such as that not all families have the same consumption and that there are different qualities and products on the market. All of this will also affect the final project and budget. However, to give you an idea, for a home with electricity bill consumption of € 80 per month, the installation would be around € 4,000-5,000.

The savings will depend on the degree of use of the energy generated by the modules. As far as possible, we must modify consumption habits towards the hours of sunshine. Otherwise, we would only rely on offsetting surpluses.

Compensation for surpluses is a discount on the electricity bill. In each billing period, the distribution company will provide the consumption and surplus data to the marketer, and it will discount the kWh valued at the average market price, between € 0.45 kWh and € 0.6 kWh.

From the acceptance of the offer, we begin the drafting of the project or technical report to request the building license, once presented, we can start the work. It usually takes 2 to 3 days. Once launched, we will begin the process of legalization with industry. At this last point, the final Industry resolution (RITSIC + REC) is obtained, which usually takes about 2 weeks.

Yes. All facilities need to apply for the urban license. It is an essential point to subsequently request the IBI tax discount.

Solar panels are a very important element of a self-consumption installation. At Efecte Fotovoltaic we recommend manufacturers with a long history who are committed to quality.

We are partners of the Norwegian manufacturer REC Solar and the South Korean manufacturer LG. Both offer a 25-year product warranty.

The inverter is the heart of a self-consumption installation. The choice of the manufacturer has been made under the principles of quality and trajectory.

We are part of the partner program of the German manufacturer SMA. For 40 years it has been dedicated to manufacturing electronic equipment for solar energy solutions, offering a proven experience, and also one of the best guarantees in the sector.